Glass Bottle Items

Miss Ginger has long been fascinated by the amazing properties of glass.  Delicate when thin, strong when thick, almost invisible when clear, and almost opaque when tinted and frosted.  For centuries, glassblowers have manipulated molten sand into beautiful masterpieces and everyday, functional items.  Even when designed for one-time, disposable use, glass bottles have an amazing permanance of form and lasting luster that inspires Miss G's artistic endeavors.  As more and more products are offered in cheap, easy to produce plastic, she is inspired to transform this everyday trash into beautiful, affordable treasures that capitalize on the innate, enduring, and endearing properties of glass.

Using your glass bottle items

Many of Miss Ginger's items are designed for functional, everyday use.  Because she manipulates the glass into uses for which it was not originally designed, she asks that you take note of a few important caveats:

1. Glass is fragile and must be handled with care.  These items are not designed for and should not be handled by children without careful adult supervision.
2. While extreme care is taken to reduce sharp edges, cut edges may be sharp or rough.  Avoid handling or touching cut edges, even if they appear smooth. 
3. Many items- wind chimes and bird feeders, specifically- are designed and are safe for outdoor use, but common sense should be used in their placement.  Never hang glass items near swimming pools, as broken glass is almost impossible to see under water.  Keep wind chimes and bird feeders a safe distance from walls, trunks, and hard surfaces, and remember to allow for some swing when hanging.  
4. Glass items should be removed and stored safely when strong, gusty winds and stormy conditions are predicted. 
5. Cracked, broken, or damaged items should be carefully removed and discarded immediately. 
6. While we take extreme care in packing your items, open carefully in case of breakage during shipment.  If you discover a glass item has broken during shipment, stop unpacking and contact Miss Ginger at for an equitable resolution.